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Backing up your computer is now so much easier

How do I backup my computer using free software?

Are you looing for software to back up your Mac or PC to another computer in the office?  See the partner link below:

Download and install the software on each computer.  Both computers can be disconnected at any time, and for any length of time—the software won't delete the files. When both computers are online, your backup will reconnect, and the software resumes backup from where it left off.

How is my backup archive stored?

Your backup is stored in a folder that is labeled with a key that corresponds to the computer being backed up. The folder contains all of the elements of your backup in an encrypted archived format.

Looking to back up to a Canadian cloud provider?   Sign up for the free trial at



iTel grows its network with BlackSun Partnership


iTel prides itself not only on unprecedented support for their clientele, but also the ability to reach and merge the networks of companies with multiple locations under one network - including offices in rural areas. This is something that the majority of organizations are not able to offer at this time.

According to Dan Rink, C.O.O of iTel Networks Inc (, iTel continues to grow and expand its network through partnerships with major players in the industry - such as BlackSun.

iTel's partnership with BlackSun has taken them one step further to being able to merge company networks in every city in Canada.

See full news article at:

Another Bug! How Can Businesses Protect themselves?

BlackSun has successfully implemented NEW internet connections to its data centers this year that include Instant digital vaccines to cure these problems in real time. We had Heartbleed covered earlier this year, and our tech's have helped many businesses across Canada that have been worried about these ongoing concerns by helping to re-engineer internet connections to the customer premise. BlackSun has implemented various security devices at the WAN edge to protect our network in all of our data centers.

How can your business be protected?

1. Move your data to BlackSun or

2. Get BlackSun to help you build a custom internet feed that includes our scanning solution in your office.

Learn More about our Scanning


What is the difference between SSD and SATA hard drives?

Hard drives are what a computer uses to store data. The two main hard drive types in use today for most computers are Solid State Drives, or SSD, and Serial ATA drives, or SATA. For the last 10 years, most computers were equipped with SATA drives, but the data storage landscape is changing.

SATA is a format that both traditional and hard disk drives use to send data to the processor. The speeds of SATA have risen steadily over the years, and the most common hard drive uses SATA 3.0, which provides the ability to transfer 6 gigabytes per second.

Standard SATA hard drives use a series of platters or discs which spin at high speeds while an arm with a head moves along the discs to either read or write data. When the SATA drive stores information, it magnetizes blocks on the platters in a particular pattern. However, these blocks can become scattered as new data is moved back and forth. Performing defragmentation of a hard drive moves these blocks back into an orderly pattern.

SSD drives do not have spinning platters but instead use flash memory. Flash memory is a staple of many electronic devices, including cell phones, digital cameras and tablets. These drives store data electronically instead of magnetically, eliminating the need for an arm to scan platters to search for information. The result of this is data transfer speeds far higher than what can be achieved with traditional SATA drives.

At this time, standard SATA drives cost less and can store far more data than SSD drives. However, the gap in price is slowly narrowing. While it is possible to get a 3 terabyte traditional SATA drive for under $100, a 1 terabyte SSD drive will cost over $400. These drives can usually be purchased through eBay as well for a fairly reasonable price.

Some manufacturers have tried to have the best of both worlds by creating hybrid drives. A hybrid drive has a traditional drive with a small memory SSD drive attached. This allows users to allocate startup or other commonly performed tasks to the faster but smaller SSD drive while still using the traditional drive for large storage needs.

Which type of drive to use depends a great deal on the user. Those who want massive storage and use large files will probably want the traditional drive, while those looking for speed without enormous storage will want the SSD drive.

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