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What is "HeartBleed", "Shellshock / BashBug", and other Security threats? How can we avoid them?

You may be heard about the big HeartBleed bug a few months ago. Hundred of major vendors including Apple, Google, HP, Dell, released announcements on how BAD this was for internet security, and how users could upgrade to protect themselves AFTER the fact. The Recent "Bash bug" is the latest announcement by security firms for a similar/ worse vulnerability. Exactly is it? The Bashbug, also known as "Shellshock," is a newly discovered vulnerability in GNU Bash, identified by CVE-2014-6271. It's a huge security issue that can affect not only computers, but a variety of other internet devices, as well.

There are of course things that your tech guy is already doing, including upgrading and self assessing the impact of this bug. If you ARE the tech guy reading this article, what can you do to STAY AHEAD of these security issues?

Thousands of vulnerabilities are discovered and released each day. Unless you want to dedicate part of your resources to monitoring the VULN list hourly, it will be difficult to stay ahead of these issues. Security issues will exist inside your office, and also the cloud systems your team may have deployed in various data centres. Hosting with a provider that does NOT provide these wan security solutions within your cloud environment will continue to pose an ongoing threat. To make matters worse, your existing internet provider to your corporate office is also NOT protecting the computers in your office.

BlackSun has implemented various security devices at the WAN edge to protect our network in all of our data centers.  From hosting a simple website, to a complex cluster, your data is Safe with us.

We can also provide fiber based internet solutions to corporate offices across Canada and the USA. We have chosen a wholesale internet provider to deliver internet access to the fiber that may exist outside your office. We can also help you deploy a system to protect your WAN links through various “solution signatures" that are automatically downloaded to offer protection as these viruses as these viruses are identified. We believe corporate security is a TWO PART process.

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